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Welcome to WoTrus Certificate Transparency Log Server

Open acceptance policy: This log accepts all roots that are enabled for the server authentication trust purpose in one or more of the Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple root programs. We will update this log's list of accepted roots from time to time in accordance with this policy.

Free: There is no cost to CAs for having a root accepted by this log. There is also no cost for submitting certificates/precertificates to this log. There are no contracts to sign at present, but we reserve the right to require contracts in the future.

Rate limits: Submissions are rate-limited by IP address. Upon request, WoTrus will consider raising a submitter's rate limit, but WoTrus reserves the right to decline such requests (if WoTrus does not believe there is sufficient spare capacity) or to charge for this service in the future.

Reasonable Commercial Efforts: WoTrus expects to be able to accept submissions for newly issued certificates, but WoTrus asks that submitters refrain from submitting (to this log) large numbers of certificates that were not recently issued. WoTrus reserves the right to remove (temporarily or permanently) any root from this log's list of accepted roots, without prior notice, if WoTrus is unable to cope with the rate of submissions associated with that root.

Disclaimer: WoTrus's CT Log is provided "AS-IS". The log is an aggregate of information from WoTrus and third parties not under WoTrus's control and, therefore, WoTrus does not guarantee accuracy of information from third party sources or contributors. Further, WoTrus does not guarantee the performance or availability to any end users of the log, whether to certification authorities or other submitters or to any parties or individuals desiring to read the status or the content of the log. We reserve the right to update this log policy from time to time.

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